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Open and run the VI using FP.Open from another VI

I would like to have LabVIEW open and run the VI when I open the second VI (number 2) from VI (number 1). I set the appropriate Execution options in File»VI Properties to make both  VI run when opened but it works only for the first vi and when I open from another the second vi will open but not run.Would u plz let me know how can I make the second vi run when I open it using FP.Open.

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Hi en99,

i do not understand what you try in your picture, but you never call the RUN method. Can you please explain what you try to do?



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Hi Mike

By clicking on the OK button in I would like to close and open and run at the same time.It works perfect and I can close 1 and open 2 but as I said I would like be in run mode because I don'w want to click on run icon to run hope this comment be useful

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plz let me know if I need to provide more information

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There are several ways to start VI 2.

- use a invoke node of VI 2 which says : "run when opened"

- edit the VI properties of VI2 en set "run when opened" to TRUE


See attachment

Kind regards,

- Bjorn -

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