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Open TDMS File

There is a TDMS file with a capacity of about 1.7g. When I open it through Excel, only 1 SHEET page can be displayed, with a maximum of 1048576 rows. There are still a lot of data that have not been displayed. Nitdmexcel_18-0-1. Exe has been installed on my computer.What should I do?Thank you very much!
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That's just a limitation of Excel for the amount of rows ( If you really want to use Excel you would need to split the file into smaller files. I've never used the NI TDM Excel add on very much so I'm not sure if you can split the file using that or not. If you have access to DIAdem, LabVIEW, Matlab, Python, or any other tool that can read TDMS you could split or view the file with those (some programming may be required though).

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