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Only one page visible on a tab control



I'm using a tabcontrol and i want to show only one page of this Tab. At the launch of the vi, i just want to have Page1 visible but with the the default values the Page2 is grayed but visible. I have to select Page1 in order to make disappear the Page2.


In the next step (menu ring "Show only"), the behavior is the same.


I don't understand my mistake.


Thanks for your help.


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I'd reverse the order of page visible and page enabled.


Then be sure to programmatically set the tab control to the page.


See Attached which is also greatly simplified.


I'd put that in a subVI so you can call it once at beginning of the program with a reference to the tab control to set it to page 1.

Then use an event structure for the selector's value change to call the subVI again to change to the new page.



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