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Only half of my data is written to tdms file


During the last few weeks I haven been expanding a basis project that can be found in Labview that is called continuous measurement and logging with DAQmx. I have added a few functionalities that I need but I also have to make an automatic crashdump generator : this should write the data away from 20 s before the trigger is activated. I have been able to program this but I stil have a problem : only half om my data is written to the tdms file, you can see this by looking at the timestamps of the program. (If you want to try making a crashdump file, just start the program, push start monitoring, wait twenty seconds and then change the threshold value to 10 and wait another 20 s and you should also change the logging directory in the crashdump loop )
Also I would like to add a timestamp to the normal logging that is triggered by hand...
And if you feel like taking a look at the whole program , you are more than welcome to do so! I have been only working with labview for a month now and I might not always use the shortest / most resources effecient way...

Kind regards

Wim Demonie
Master student in mechanical engineering

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check this link, it relates to writing measuremnt data in tdms

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