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Only display part of remote front panel using vi server

I wonder if I can choose what to display on the remote panel while keeping everything unchanged on the server. Also, how can I integrate the remote front panel into the front panel of client vi?

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Basically, panels of sub VIs can be called in a sub panel of the main VI, no matter where the sub VI is located and as long as the main VI can find and open it. That gives you a handle to the panel in the sub panel on which you can apply methods or control property nodes, such as those which control the panel size and/or those which shift the origin. 

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I have found a solution using a sub-panel. First, you must enable the developer mode to get the hidden brown palette called subpanel: remote panel:insert remote vi. To create that palette, you need to create a property node of the subpanel and then find the insert remote vi under the method.

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