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Online food store system

Any links or tutorials how I can start building an ordering system for food?


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This seems to be a typical state machine exercise for CLD. Requirement has been simplified to let you complete the whole requirement in a short time.


So, my opinion is that there'll not be any application to refer.


This assignment doesn't seem to be one of the CLD practice tests or even the actual one, so you many not find any existing solution too.



Try to understand the requirement, start making assumptions on any missing information, user interface and misc details.


Clarify with the evaluator or whoever assigned you this exercise about the expected outcome.

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Look on the first page of this Forum, which lists LabVIEW Training Resources.  You can also do a Web search.


Many participants on this Forum know that the best way to learn LabVIEW is to write LabVIEW Programs.  Participating in a class, and doing the homework, helps, as does having an Instructor whom you can ask for explanations of concepts you don't understand.  You can also ask for help here, on the Forums.


Have you ever written a Program (in any Language or system, even Basic)?  Start with "what you know" (the Input Data), what you "need to find out" (the Output Data), and the steps you would do (use pencil and paper to get started).  Is there Arithmetic or Logical Operations involved?  Is there repetition or looping?  Do "choices" need to be made?


The LabVIEW Tutorials will explain how data are structured, the differences and uses of numeric, string, and logical data types, how data can be "grouped", numeric, logical, and string operations, and much more.  Do some studying, get out the pencil and paper, and have at it.  If you get stuck, come back, post your VI (a.k.a. "show your work"), and we'll provide more help.


Bob Schor



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