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OneWire Examples VIs does not work



I have a problem with OneWire examples. I would like read data from 1-Wire Digital Thermometer DALLAS DS18B20.

I've already installed OneWire Utilities - interface inovation (, 1-WIRE DRIVERS from maxim integrated ( and Interface Innovations Shared Library (

But when I want to run any of "OneWire" examples this examples not working and return me error ( in attachment).

I am using NI myDAQ.


Thank you for any help. 



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I love it!  The link to the software you provided says: 


Technical Support & Pricing Information 
This product is sold and supported by the third-party provider and not National Instruments. For technical support or pricing information, contact Interface Innovations at:


Disclaimer: The Third-Party Add-Ons for LabVIEW on this page are offered by independent third-party providers who are solely responsible for these products. NI has no responsibility whatsoever for the performance, product descriptions, specifications, referenced content, or any and all claims or representations of these third-party providers. NI makes no warranty whatsoever, neither express nor implied, with respect to the goods, the referenced contents, or any and all claims or representations of the third-party providers.


You show us two Error Messages, and show us the name of the Example VI that (I'm guessing, here) might be giving you the Error.  But you never show us the code that fails when you run it.  So we can't help you.  Sounds like you need to contact

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