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One virtual channel two DAQ cards

We have been using NI PCI-6052E and planning to replace it with newer card, such as NI USB-6216. I'm thinking whether we can set up virtual channels that can use either card, depending on which one is present. Or we need to have two sets of virtual channels and let software to detect which card is available, then select the corresponding set of virtual channels. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Is this just on a single system? If so, I would put an entry into a config file with the string of channels you want to read. If this is on many systems, and they can have different DAQ hardware, then that would be trickier, and it would be cool if you could programmatically determine which hardware is connected.

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This is single system. I forgot to mention, Windows 10, to replace older Windows XP system. I think we can detect which card is present in LabVIEW code, what I'm not sure is whether we can set up a virtual channel that can use physical channels from two different cards, depending which card is present. 

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I think I have a clearer understanding on the issue. My understanding is, one set of virtual channels can only statically link to one hardware. But we can set up these virtual channels dynamically, first detect what card is present, if it doesn't match the existing channel settings, then delete the virtual channels and set up a new set base on the detected hardware. This is my understanding, welcome anyone have your opinion. 

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