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Older version of LabView available?

I would like to put together an "antique" data aquisition system utilizing
an older DAQ board and an IBM AT machine that I have kicking around. It's
just sort of a hobby thing rather than a serious instrumentation project.

I have the board (NI Lab-PC-1200) and the computer (IBM AT) and was hoping
to find a version of LabView that would run under MS-DOS 6.0 and I guess I
would be looking for some drivers too.

I currently have LabView 6.0 for use with some 21st century equipment, but
it will only run under windows. When I called up NI, my local sales guy felt
that my current license would probably allow me the "right" to use the older
version, but he wasn't sure that locating the actual software would still be

Does anyone o
ut there have some old discs they would be willing to sell?
LabView is currently sold with NI-DAQ on the same disc. Would I need to find
LabView + NI-DAQ+Lab-PC-1200 drivers and load them all separately?

In the event that I can't find any of this, I suppose that it would be
possible to do register level programming using C. Does anyone have any old
code that they would like to share?

Jon Juhlin
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Or use LabWindows, good UI, needed no Windows. But you had to type ...
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LabVIEW has never had a DOS version. You'll have to use something like Quickbasic or the old LabWindows for DOS. Before you spend a lot of time, make sure that the old NI-DAQ for DOS supports the Lab-PC-1200.
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