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Oilfield Standard WITSML

I am new to LabVIEW and want to be able to receive my real time data into LabVIEW. I work in the oilfield and want to be able to work with my real time data remote from drilling rigs anywhere in the world.


I have all of the sensors, DAQ, communications, etc and can fetch or push the data from our servers. However, the drilling industry has a standard communications protocol called WITSML which stands for Wellsite Information Transfer Standard Markup Language and we receive it as an .xml file. The protocol is text based and communicated by a standard string of numbers classifying the following data. I know that LabVIEW can read .xml files, but I was wondering if NI or anyone for that matter has written a library or tool for parsing WITSML data. Here is a link for more info:


If not, does anyone know approximately how much work this would take to create such a class/library/object/tool?



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There is also a commercially available witsml .net sdk available from Setiri - see for more details.


Disclosure: I am with Setiri LLC

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kmckenna, were you able to solve this challenge?

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