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Office 2007 Ribbon Bar and Icons in LabVIEW



Please read my original posting (and all of them).  You tell me if that's polite enough.


Perhaps I have a different perspective to you, and admittedly perhaps not the whole picture.


I am not happy when I don't get a response, because it is difficult then for me to make use of LabVIEW which I have invested vast amounts of my own time and money into.  I do not however take it out on anyone here, especially if they don't work for NI.


As a former AE for NI my understanding is that it is their responsibility to answer any questions, otherwise I can just hassle the local AE.  So when I get no response or resolution from NI then I am not happy with this; that is true.


I won't go into it anymore as I have work to do.  I don't think that I am being rude.  Don't take it personally, I try to make my questions interesting for everyone;-)



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To your question: Yes! 


Obviously a ribbon bar is a Tab-structure with all kinds of buttons arranged in a small upper portion of the Front panel. With basic LabView skills you can make a ribbon bar without Microsoft stuff. But you can costumize LV buttons with Office icons (and I do know how to costumize LV controls).


Did you ever asked Microsoft for a solution? Do you think you get an answer? Do you think you get an answer if you talk to them like in this forum?


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This question came up again in the UI Interest Group Community so I decided to take a second look at it.  Most of the effect can be easily recreated in LabVIEW if you think creatively:


LabVIEW Ribbon.png 


You can grab the code and images from here



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Example code for adding Office 2007 Ribbon to LabVIEW Front panel. For details see blog post from Simon in the UI Interest Group Community.

Ribbon BD.png



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Thanks for posting the VI KvZ.


How/where do we get the RibbonControlsLibrary.dll?

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Check out this thread for the RibbonControlsLibrary.dll link:



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