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Obtaining a reference to CURSOR LEGEND (Tree Control) of a graph (for purposes of compressing it)

The Captain (Norm Kirchner) told me awhile back how to obtain a reference to the Cursor Legend of a Graph so as to be able to compress it (the cursor legend is a tree control that unexplainably likes to expand at times).  Norm, if you are still there or if someone else knows, please provide instructions for all to see.  Much obliged as I have searched everywhere in my email and notes and cannot find the correspondence.


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I was able to create a property node and reference by right clicking on the cursor legend in the front panel with labview7.0
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In LabVIEW 8.5, my right-click menu on the cursor legend is totally related to cursor functions and does not allow me to create property nodes or reference FOR THE CURSOR LEGEND (TREE CONTROL). One can right-click on the graph and obtain reference and property nodes for the graph.
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I guess we call that progress. My 8.5 version should arrive next week.
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Hi Don,


NI has changed a few things with cursors... it seems that unfortunately there is not an easy way to reference the cursor legend itself.  I have researched this fairly thoroughly, and there has in fact been a corrective action request (3NEF7G00) filed for this behavior.  This request does not list a date for a fix, and it seems that this decision was made by R&D.  As you have noticed, there is a way to reference and change properties for individual cursors.  This is fairly easy to do by creating a property node-->Cursor.  This seems to be decision with R&D, and I have not found a good workaround for this.  I am sorry that this is the answer I have to give, but that is where we stand.  If you do find a good workaround for it, please post it here, I'd be interested to find out myself.

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If it is indeed impossible to create a reference to the cursor legend tree, then how was I able to do what I did in the attached VI?

(Expand one or both of the cursor trees in the legend and then run the VI.)  See the block diagram.

Note that I don't remember how I did it either (which is why I posted this originally).  I had notes on this in an email exchange with Norm Kirchner but I think during our change of email clients, it got deleted.



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Hi Don,


I have been trying to reproduce this reference myself, and I cannot do it either.  It definitely seems to be a question mark for a lot of users (corrective action requests and product suggestions have been created on this topic several times).  I will keep you posted with any relevant information as I get them.

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I think you upgraded a VI from LabVIEW 7.x to 8.x

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