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Obtaining USB mouse data on labview GUI





I am trying to obtain data (cursor & buttons data) from USB mouse on labview GUI. For that i configure NI VISA driver for mouse by setting VID, PID values. And update driver in device manager.  VISA driver is installed successfully for mouse and resource name appears in Measurement & Automation Explorer also. But when i run USB interrupt VI provided in NI Examples, USB resource name doesn't appear in front panel by itself and even if i set it manually, no data is acquired.   


Can somebody help me if i am missing out something ?





Abhishek Garg

Application Engineer,

Cypress Semiconductors


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Do you have to acquire mouse information at such a low level, you can use pane mouse move events to get most moust move information.  This however only works when you are moving on the pane.  There are also input device vis in the connectivity, input device palette.
Paul Falkenstein
Coleman Technologies Inc.
CLA, CPI, AIA-Vision
Labview 4.0- 2013, RT, Vision, FPGA
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Look at the Connectivity>>Input Device Control palette.  It contains VIs for getting data from input devices.  This may work for you.  If that doesn't work, check out this tutorial on USB in LabVIEW.  That about exhausts my knowledge on the subject.  Good Luck!
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I think you will find some useful information if you do a search for "nugget usb" in this forum then locate the the "nugget 1 of n......" and "nugget 2 of n......" In one of them you will find a mouse example

Besides which, my opinion is that Express VIs Carthage must be destroyed deleted
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I am not able to answer your question, but I have one to ask you.


What operating system are you using? I have been trying to get the NI-VISA driver to work for a USB mouse but without success. I believe it is because I am using Windows 7 and it enforces a certain HID driver. 






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