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Obtain Queue in new VI

The mixed nature of an input connection on Obtain Queue VI , being both data type and element at the same time, have not allowed me to use clustered input data type with any data type at the inputs of the cluster in the new VI. how can this be worked around?

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Define the data type u r going to use in "element data type". you cannot connect the cluster to this input. then it will work
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I'm not sure at all that I understand what you're asking, but if you're asking if you can create a subVI that uses Obtain Queue and can accept any data type as input, the answer is that you can't.  You can come close by using a variant as the subVI input, which will accept any data type, but you'll have to convert the variant data back to the desired cluster type when you dequeue an element.


The Data Type input of Obtain Queue is not also an element, it simply defines the type of data that will be stored in the queue.  A queue cannot contain mixed data; every element in the queue must be of the same data type.

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