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Object on front panel shows as empty dashed contour

After copying a file path control from another VI, it appears as an empty dashed contour on the front panel, as if the object were on a hidden layer.


Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong, please?

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Looks like the control is hidden.  Find the terminal on the block diagram, right-click menu - Show Control.



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Another example where attaching the actual VI would be so much more helpful than attaching a "picture".  I don't know how you "copied" the control, but it might have been a "hidden" control.  Go to the Block Diagram, find the control, right-click it, and see if the option to "unhide" the control is present.


Bob Schor

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Thank you for your suggestions.


I just noticed there was a pane splitter on the front panel. Removing it (screenshot attached) suddenly showed the "hidden" object.


Still seems like a bug, though, doesn't it?


(When I called support, before I found this fix, the gentleman said it was probably one of the many bugs in LV 2019.)



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Did you copy the control or the terminal? Was it the only selected object?


Not really a bug and probably not new to 2019. More like an unhandled edge case. Could be fixed by throwing a lot of code at it, but not worth it.

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I don't see the splitter in your screenshot, but if it's just under something then this is probably expected behaviour.


To test a similar situation, try dropping a loop on your BD, then selecting a control outside of the loop and using the arrow keys to place it under the structure. I think that might be very similar to what you're seeing? (you can also shrink a structure with items inside it so that they fall outside the bounds if you disable auto-grow, then selecting that region (perhaps only from inside the structure?) will allow their selection in a similar fashion iirc)

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