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Object Oriented Language

Is LabVIEW an object oriented programming lnguage?
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I wouldn't say that LabVIEW is object-oriented, but there are OO tools.

Do a search in the forums for 'LVOOP'.  You will find a lot of information.

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Overall, the answer is no, not really.  LabVIEW would best be called a dataflow language.  In the past, there have been some great toolkits that allow you to write Object Oriented code, but they have been add-ons.  The newest versions of LabVIEW (8.2 and 8.5) have the native ability to write Object Oriented code.  While there is still work to be done, it is a great feature that I have been trying to use only recently.  It is lacking some of the things that many people would say are requirements of Object Oriented Programming, mainly multiple inherentance and pass-by-reference. 

Overall, though you now can write Object Oriented code and with some discipline make a totally Object Oriented Program, I would still call LabVIEW a dataflow language, not an Object Oriented Language.

I hope that this helps,
Bob Young

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1. where is the documentation about how to write code in OOP technique?

2. Labview fundamental.pdf does not cover that.


(i find out that books out there only covers basic Labview programming), where can we find help? / tip & tricks....

NI should provide it....

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See this thread, you have everything in it with some video examples.

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