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OPC communication using channels



I am a professional LabVIEW developer, and I am having an issue with OPC communication.

In the past, we've used LabVIEW many times as an OPC client, by using the datasocket VI's.

In my current project, we have a similar situation where my LabVIEW application needs to do some basic

reading and writing of OPC tags on an external OPC Server.

The new thing is that the OPC Server is Kepware, and that the OPC tags are not defined by an 'URL'.

Usually, an OPC tag is defined by an URL, much like :

opc://localhost/National Instruments.OPCDemo/VT_BOOL


However in our case, the external company says the OPC tags are to be found on a server :

opc.tcp://aaa.bbb.local:49320, on channel XXX, on device YYY.

They are not able to create a unique URL for every tag (e.g. opc.tcp//server/channel/device/tag).


How can I use the datasocket VI's (that only accept an URL-input) to read an write Kepware tags that are organized in channels and devices.

Any help is appreciated!



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Although the documentation from Kepware suggests that you can set the OPC UA as the server interface and let you create tags. The KEPserverEX doesn't support OPC UA tag creation.


There doesn't seem to be any potential solution to this at the moment, the best place to find out about this would be to contact Kepware support.


Ahmad Shirzai
National Instruments
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