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OPC command used in LabVIEW when executing a TSP script on a Keithley SMU

I have developed a LabVIEW program for performing various tests (I-V curves, IDSS, GFS, RDS(on), etc.) on MOSFET transistors utilizing KE 2636s, KE 2651s, and KE 2657s.  The instruments are linked and certain combinations are master-slave configuration.  I use LabVIEW 15 to load the TSP scripts to the Keithley SMU and then send the test command with parameters to execute the stored script.  A problem I am experiencing is that when the script is running, there is no way to monitor the completion of the test, other than watching the output illumination of the OUTPUT Button on the front panel.  I have tried to implement the OPC command with no success as it causes an error on the GPIB bus.

Has anyone ever gotten this to work for them?

Any pointers would be helpful



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Can you show some code?  LabVIEW and TSP.  Are you using the LabVIEW 26xx drivers or are you doing this with VISA/GPIB commands directly?


Not much to go on to help you otherwise.  I work with K26xx a lot, but usually avoid full TSP scripts controlling things.



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