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OPC UA only for 1 test bench, not for others.


We have several test benches with LabVIEW that have the same code.
On 1 test bench, I would like to use the labview OPC UA toolkit to communicate with a Siemens S7-1500 PLC.
On the 6 other test benches, no OPC UA communication is required.

I therefore guess I need only just 1 OPC UA toolkit deployment license. (and 1 for developement).

On the bench with the OPC UA toolkit license, it will work. But on the other benches, how can I manage ?

My question:
How can we keep the same source code and, if possible, the same compiled code for all benches (with or without OPC UA)?

If no solution allows me to keep the same compiled code, then do I have to use a conditional disable structure on my VIs that manages OPC UAs?

Thanks for your help


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With Vision Runtime, License is not check as long as you don't use a vision VI. If you put your code in a normal conditional Case structure, it should work. Or it will generate an error that you can just ignore..

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