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OPC UA discovery

I downloaded OPC UA Local discovery server (LDS) from the website of opc foundation. But I am unable to make OPC UA server and LDS trust each other. How to do this?

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In what way is this a LabVIEW question?

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There is a Register Server VI that you should need to use after you create the server. The function also requires you to know the location of the LDS certificate.

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I am working with OPC UA Server in Labview, and I also need to use LDS too, I followed the example of National Instruments when using LDS with Register and Unregister, I am not realizing what kind certificate must be used for LDS and OPC UA Server to trust each other.


My block Diagram is this:



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First is to go to the location of the LDS server and export its certificate to the following location "C:\Program Files (x86)\OPC Foundation\UA\v1.1\LDS\Bin" select "Properties". Select Digital Signature and select OPC Foundation -> Details and See Certificate and install the certificate

I apologize for the pc images being in Portuguese but my OS is Portuguese

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