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OPC UA Server on RealTime and DataSocket OPC Client on Windows


I have an existing realtime application (running on a sbRIO-9606) that creates an instance of an OPC Server using the 'NI OPC UA Server' VIs.  I can successfully interact with the server using the 'NI OPC UA Client' VIs as well as other 3rd-party OPC clients.


But I'm having difficulty connecting to the OPC server using DataSockets (on a Windows PC).  The error only states that it couldn't connect to the server or couldn't parse the URL.  If the servers provides an endpoint URL of 'opc.tcp://', what should I use for the DataSocket URL?  Is there anything else to be aware of?  Thanks.



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Hi. I have the same problem. Did you solve this issue? Thanks.

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Try using the LabVIEW's example "Monitoring OPC Item with Datasockets" and make sure the path is correct using the pop up window.



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