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OCR first example

Hey guys i'm new at lab view, i just installed  lab view 2016 student version from my teacher.

I have to do a project with OCR and i just can't find the OCR first i only have the example.

If someone can upload/send me the OCR first that would be great.

In addition if someone know good videos or PDF that i can learn image processing please let me know.

thanks in advanced.

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Hey Tikoomer,


Have you installed the Vision Development Module too as explained here : ?


For the second question, that's a rather old doc but it might help :

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If you only installed "LabVIEW", then you are missing the Vision Development Module (which also must be installed).  Once it is, you can go to Help, Find Examples, Toolkits and Modules, Vision, OCR and find  If you do not have the VDM installed, you won't have the functions required to run the Example, so sending it to you would be pointless.


Note that if you want to acquire an image for OCR (from, say, a camera), you will also need to install the Vision Drivers (I don't remember what NI calls this, but something like Vision Software Acquisition).


Bob Schor

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i have already installed the Vision Development Module and i can find the

i just can't find the OCR first


This one :




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Have you looked here : C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW\examples\Vision\2. Functions\OCR ?


I don't have any vision thing on my computer so I can't send it to you, but maybe someone can.

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How weird is that?  You are correct, there are two OCR-related Examples, one under Toolkits and Modules, Vision, OCR (called, and another (on my system) under "Toolkits and Modules Not Installed", Vision, OCR.lvproj.  Here is its description:


Note: This example requires an add-on toolkit in order to run. The toolkit needed is not currently installed.

This example requires software which is included in the LabVIEW Robotics Bundle, but not in the LabVIEW Robotics Starter Kit. For more information contact National Instruments support.

Required Software:
Vision Development Module
NI Vision Acquisition Driver

This example demonstrates how OCR could be used in an unstructured environment. Given the shape of surface that the text is printed on, LabVIEW can perform a perspective distortion correction to allow the OCR to better translate the text.


Since I don't have the Robotics Toolkit installed, it won't even let me open the Example.  Note that the specifics are not included under "Required Software" ...


Bob Schor

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Thanks for all the suggestions but non of them helped me.

I go back to my original request if someone can send/upload the OCR first it would be great.


Thank you 🙂

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