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Numeric control not retrieve the previous Value?



     I am facing one problem in numeric controller,i,e i have set the Max and minimum value in coerce mode..


for instance, maximum value is 10 and minimum is 0.In run mode it wont allow the value beyond this limit,suppose currently i have the value "5",if i change the value which is maximum of limit consider i put the value now 15

it automatically change 10(maximum limit) not to retrive the previous value "5"...


if anything possible to retrive the previous value when user enter value  beyond the maximum limit in numeric control?

pls give the solution? 







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You can do that using event structures. Have a look at the image below.



Adnan Zafar
Certified LabVIEW Architect
Coleman Technologies
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thanks for your replay...

is this only possible in coding? not any default labview settings?

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That is the only way to do it.

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More generally, like this:


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hi pcardinale thanks for ur replay,


you have done effectivly but in your case two things we need to do,


1.if we need maximum value 5 ,we should set maximum value 6,other wise we cant realize the value which is beyond the limit.

2.if weneed miminmum value 2,we should set 1,


i just gives my sugesstion  ....thanks



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Try right clicking the in range and coerce function and select Include Upper Limit.    That will make the upper diamond black and the upper limit will be considered in range.


Compare Adnan's picture to pcardinale's.

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