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Notifier not received when other code in while loop exists

@belopsky wrote:


What is a good way for me to check what is being enqueued, other than a probe on the queue refnum wire?



A probe on the data wire going into the Enqueue.  Or an indicator/probe on the error out of the Enqueue  Seriously, if there is data going into that wire, then the Enqueue is working.  Otherwise it will output an error.

You can also use the Get Queue Status function to get details of what is happening in the queue.
Do you have any other reason to think your Enqueue is not working?
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I will try the 'get status' tomorrow.


I did probe the 'data' wire and also did an indicator on the 'error out'


There is data in the wire going to the enqueue when the case goes True.

There are no errors to see.


The only other place my queue goes to, and the waveform data out of it, is in my loop that Append Waveform is in, perhaps I do not see anything happening because that loop STOPS after the condition I have set is met?

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Correct.  If that loop stops, but the producer keeps running, the queue will just keep filling up.  Not a good idea unless you have unlimited memory in your PC.

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@crossrulz wrote:

Jeff·Þ·Bohrer wrote:

I Think he is looking for an honorable mention on the Rube Goldberg thread


If soethin is not equal to false it IS true So the And input goes TRUE only when "injection" is false, but you write the p-node to true on falling and rising edges of injection


Is that what you wanted?

Jeff, I think you missed the shift register.  So it is when the values changes that they write to the property node.

No I di don't think I missed much.  Tere is just something really flakey about Equals and / Not equals with booleans.  They make my magic 8-Ball quiver. That is not too say you are not correct.  


At this point I would welcome reading the requirements for the code. 


"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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OK, well I figured out that if I have a while loop around my 'Dequeue Element' then the queue works, now I just need to modify the logic to log X amount elements and clear the queue/data elements to await the next 'queue' element.

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