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Notice: don't use a tab control in a fpga vi

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When you use a tab control in the top FPGA vi, then all controls and indicators on it are not selectable in the "fpga i/o node property" on the RT vi.




FPGA 1 uses a tab control to group controls and indicators

FPGA 2 uses no tab control


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Hi Stefan,


please refrain from using a tab control on a FPGA VI's FrontPanel. FPGA VIs are not meant to have viewable front panels.


As you are using a German LabVIEW version, maybe having a look at this tutorials is useful for you:


Entwicklung benutzerdefinierter, rekonfigurierbarer Hardware mit dem LabVIEW FPGA Module


Design, Entwicklung und Programmierung von FPGAs


Regards, Topp

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Accepted by topic author stefan6973

Hi Topp,


the question is: Why would users using elements from the BD palette that are available in FPGA vis?


I working currently on a notebook and the screen is very small. It's nice to use a tab control to arrange the controls and indicators on the top fpga vi but it's not working.


What do make with fpga controls and indicator during debugging sessions (interactive front panel communication)?


What do you making with large fpga vis with many independent parts and many controls and indicators?


Regards, Stefan

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