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Not enough analog output pins on NI device (Matlab, LED lamp)



we have the problem that we have only four analog output pins on our USB-6363-NI device for our project but need one more to control a LED lamp.


With the four analog output pins some neuronal recording devices are controlled. Now I need to activate a LED lamp (cool LED pE-100) with the NI device. This lamp needs TTL pulses to get turned on. When I plug the lamp to one of the analog output pins and send continuosly 5V through it, the camera turns on, as I want it to. When I send 0V through it, the lamp turns off. However, I can't control the camera like this because I need all four analog outputs to control my experiment. Thus, I need another way to turn on the camera with my NI device.


What I already tried:

  • I plugged the lamp to PFI line and sent a digital trigger - but the lamp did not turn on (or it turned on too quick to be seen)


My question:

  • is there any way, that I can use another pin on the NI board as an analog output and send 5V through it?
  • could I use a trigger to turn the camera on and off instead?
  • and if I can use a trigger - how can I trigger two devices separately with my NI board? I tried to make two trigger in matlab but this didn't work
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Turning "on" or "off" is a "digital" thing, 0 or 1.  The PXIe-6363 has, I believe, 48 Digital I/O lines.  Figure how to make a simple circuit (it may take no more than a single resistor) to get a TTL line to turn an LED On or Off.


Bob Schor

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Does the lamp have a threshold to turn on?  And how much current does the lamp require?  I ask because it looks like the DIO will range from 2V to 5V depending on temperature and current draw.

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