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Not able to create Simulated Switch for NI PXIe-2738 in NI MAX

Hi All,


I am trying to create a simulated switch for NI PXIe-2738 in DAQmx devices, in NI MAX - to be used in NI Switch Executive.


But, I am not able to create, since the device is not getting listed there. Also, the device is supported with the drivers.


If anyone has any idea about this issue, kindly reply ASAP



Windows 7, LabVIEW2012, NI Switch 15.1, NI Switch Executive 3.6

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Hi Srini7,


I apologize for the extremely late response. I realize that my answer probably won't help you, but I hope that it helps anyone else that finds this thread in the future. Unfortunately, the PXIe-2738 switch module does not support simulation in NI MAX. There are 9 NI switch modules that do not support this feature (full list shown below) and you happened to find one of them. While this is frustrating for these particular switches, we have support for the other ~100 NI switch modules and we hope to support this feature soon.


That being said, they are supported in Switch Executive (as of Switch Executive 2015), assuming that you have the physical device in your system. Additionally, you can simulate them in LabVIEW using the niSwitch Initialize With Topology function (as shown in the attached image), but the simulated settings are not saved in NI MAX for future reuse. 



List of NI switch modules that you cannot simulate in NI MAX:










Mike Watts
Product Manager - Modular Instruments
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It's worth noting that if you're using switch executive, you CAN simulate the architectures of some of those switches. For instance the 2738 is an 8x32 2-wire matrix.

If you look at the simulated matrix switches that show up in the IVI configuration in MAX so that NISE can have a shipped example config, then you can copy that approach with a new device and tell it to use an 8x32 matrix in the model options.

That gets you out of the architecture hole. 

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