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Not able to capture trigger in exe.



I am using LabVIEW 2012 SP1.  The hardware is PXIe 6363 card . 

I have a VI which starts acquiring data on  Digital trigger( falling edge). The digital trigger lasts for around 100ms.

The trigger works perfect in when run the VI. But when I make the application exe, the trigger is missed and I get timeout error.


What is the difference between the VI and the exe?


In the VI , the trigger is captured everytime and data is acquired but this does not happen in exe. Please let me know.



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Does this happen when you run the exe on the same pc as you built it on or only on a pc without the LabVIEW development? On a new pc, you have to install the DAQmx runtime and the hardware configuration from MAX on the development pc. Both of these options are available when you create the installer.
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I ll check the DAQ run time and the installer settings. Thank you

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