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Nonlinear Prediction Intervals

Hello LabVIEW community,


Under the Mathematics > Fitting > Advanced Curve Fitting > Nonlinear Curve Fit does not provide a drop-down option for prediction intervals. It appears by default that the results may only be the confidence intervals. Is there an existing VI, or a simple way, to obtain prediction intervals for nonlinear curves in LabVIEW?


Thank you,



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Hi ScottThompson, 


I looked through our LabVIEW help documentation and didn't find any options for a prediction interval with a nonlinear curve fit. We do have prediction intervals for quite a few functions, but it looks like we left it out for this one. For an immediate solution you could look into doing the calculations yourself or use external code modules and integrate them with LabVIEW. 


If you want to have the functionality in LabVIEW, you can post on the LabVIEW Idea Exchange




David F.

Technical Support Engineer

National Instruments

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