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No output from DAQ

Are you using the same hardware for input on both computers? 

You might have wired the input to a different channel on the laptop if you have different hardware if you are not getting any errors.

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Yes I am and everything the same just one of has professional labview and the other doesn't.

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So I will go back to what hardware are you using?


On the laptop can you go into MAX, find the device, run the test panel and see data on the input channel?

There also might be a properties tab for the device to set up accessories.  Is it setup the same as the development machine?

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I did everything seems the same

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Did you get data when you ran the test panel on the input chanel?

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No I did not get anything. Everything look the same and working on the computer I have developed the program on it. Even when I run the exe on it everything working. But when I use exe on the second laptop the sequence of the program is working and just I'm not getting the reading the data. I have double Check the Chanel's names and re-install the drive.
Do you know what's the requirements for the exe file to work in any computer?!
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Since you aren't getting a signal with the test panel in MAX, then your problem is not related to LabVIEW or your exe. If you don't get any error either, then double check the wiring.
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Okay thanks
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