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No image on the Windows Media Player Active-X on second load...

Why does the second time I load a file in the Windows Media Player Active-X, I don't have an image even if I see that the file is playing (scroll progressing on the bottom) ? I use the method "launchURL" and it works fine the first time I load the VI containing the Active-X. But the second time (and third and so on...) I load the VI, the progress bar advances on the bottom of the window, the name of the file appears but I don't see any image...
Any ideas ?   Thanks !!!
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When you mean image, are you trying to play a video file? Could you please provide a little more information on what you are attempting to do? Also, could you post the segment of your code responsible for doing this? I would like to examine to determine why this could be happening. Thank you.

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Thanks for replying...
    yes I'm trying to display a video format (.wmv). The VI that I'm running is attached to this message. Basically, this Vi receives a string (the path), and this string is passed to the parameter "URL" and method "bstrURL" of the Active-X. It works fine when I first call this VI. But if I click on the "Close" button (wich brings me to the initial VI), and recall the VI with the Active-X with the same path, the video is started, I get to see the progress bar, I have the sound, but no images are displayed.
    To try it, just make a VI calling the attached VI with a path (string format) of a video you have on your computer....
    Thanks !!!
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If there a reason as to why you are calling the Windows Media Player VI from another VI?  Furthermore, I have noticed that you do not have your error wires hooked up from your ActiveX controls.   What is your ultimate goal with your application.


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I'm getting this problem too. the reason to call active-x wmp in pop-up window is to set some information depending on video(such as "event start frame"). after setting window is closed, control and video returned to IMAQ vision in main program. 
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i am not an expert but try whit that

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