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Ni9237 and 9234 Diagnosis?

Hello All,


I have two cards NI9237 and 9234 which i have been using to measure strain(for pressure) and vibration respectively via NI9188 (ethernet) and Ni9162 USB chassis.


But for some reasons both the cards have stopped reading sensor output.

Eg. There is no change in the output values when I connect the sensor to any of these channels. I have used these cards before and they were perfectly working.

The NI Max software is able to detect these cards and self test is also successful. The card also read desired voltage on the sensor connection terminal(BNC on 9234). I am rejecting the possibility of sensor fault because I feel its highly unlikely that all sensors would stop working all of a sudden.


The sensors are Kistler 8702B25M for vibration and Kulites XTL-123C for pressure measurement.


Can someone please tell me how should I go ahead for a possible diagnosis plan?

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