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Ni cRIO 9024 disconnecting frequently

Hello All

I have follwoing system

1. Ni cRIO 9024 with DI, DO, AI, thermocouple & profibus dp cards

2. Labview 2012 sp1 with RIO 12.0 drivers

3. Profibus is connected with Siemens S120 Cu320-DP.



I have issues

1. cRIO disconnects several times (connects only after sevaral power cycles)

2. cRIO shows error 63195 and if continue then 61083. Which says hardware clock lost lock with base clock

3. I think cRIO hangs due to any external pulse/trigger, but dont recognise from where. (drive or IO cards)


I tried

1. Tried fomratting cRIO & changed PC also.

2. Changed LAN cable.

3. Changed earth cables.


This system we are running since last 7 years upto 24 hours a day (many times) but not a single issue. This issue arised before 2 months.


Please help me out. Thank you in advance.

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