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Ni 9775 limited freqenz data acquisition compact rio 9024

I use the NI 9775 module in a cRIO 9024.

I want to measure a signal of about 19.200 Hz and do a FFT.

I use a function genrator to test the set up. If I generate a signal of more than 10.000Hz the recordet signal looks like the generatet Signal -10.000Hz.

Does someone has an Idea on how to fix this issue.
I attached the FPGA vi.


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Hello jus98,

Considering on your FPGA code, I saw you have coercion dots, which may be the source of the problem. I have attached the picture below, to correct the dots you should remove the fixed point to single conversation, because the FIFOs element input data type is fixed point, you should convert in RT or in Host part. Try to fix it and let me know if that worked. 






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