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Ni 6211 DAQ to HC-sr04 Connecting and code (fails in while loop)

Hello, I'm trying to get my distance sensor to work for a school project and I am running into a few problems.


First off I found this code online when I have tried to look for help but I can seem to get it to connect and work with my daq and system.

I get an error of "-200284" a picture of the error is attached. also I am not sure if I wired it right so that could be the problem. I currently have it wired to digital p0 for the trigger and digital p1 for the echo.

thank you.

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Hello, member.

Could you attach your .vi file as a snippet? Your labview version is newer than mine, so I can't open your file.

I found a document that describes error -200284, please refer to the document:


I guess the trigger is not working well so that your device doesn't start data acquisition.

You better check the wiring and the labview code related to the trigger.

Also, check out DAQ examples provided by NI and check how to implement trigger.

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