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Newport pm500 Labview 2021 driver with Labview 2023

The controller we need to use is the Newport pm500-c precision motor controller, with the most recent Labview driver being for Labview 2021. However, the license the lab gives us is Labview 2023. I was wondering if the driver would still work, even if the version is an older one.

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You can certainly run the VI on a newer LabVIEW version. Upgrade VI to a Newer LabVIEW Version

Alternatively, you can Activating Previous Versions of NI Software for Single Seats

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It shouldn't be a problem 

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LabVIEW itself is very good about being able to load older versions.  Even if the most recent driver was from 2009 you'd be fine.


Also the PM500 was discontinued sometime before 2010 if I remember right, so there shouldn't be any update needed after sometime around there from a features point of view.

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