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Newbie, estimating a system model from impulse response data




I'm new to LabView and I'm developing a PID. A microcontroller is sending data of the variable that I want to control, this way I can graph the system response to an impulse using a Waveform Chart and writing the data to a file using Write To Measurement File. My questiong is if I can get a estimated model of the system using some VI or function from the collected data.


Thank you.



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Hello Madbyte


LabVIEW has a tookit specific for system identification based on measured inputs and outputs. It's the "LabVIEW System Identification Toolkit". It works with data either measured with National Instrumens hardware or by any other means (like your microprocessor) and can work both online (at the same time your are acquiring data) or offline (once the data has been acquired). Check out this links


This document shows how to do system identification using the System Identification asistant. You could do the same, but instead of generating the signal, you should read the files from your microprocessor


This code is the one I usually show about simple system identification using LabVIEW


You can download the toolkit and evaluate it for free during 30 days from this link


I hope this will help you get started!

Javier Gutierrez



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Hi Javier


Thank you for the help, now I know which way to go. I was searching and I found also this interesting document about System Identification and LabVIEW.

I'm downloading the toolkit to try the examples.



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