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Newbie Question - Streaming HTTP POST to a server

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I have searched, and am continuing to do so, and may well have already found the answer an not realised yet. But, if someone better placed could help me I would be very grateful. 


I am trying to "learn" labview, and am tinkering with something written by someone else that needs modifcation. 

A quick background: 

We are reading strain gauges, and writing to a CSV file. In order to write, the program must be stopped, the file written, then restarted. 

We need it to stream live data to a server. 

I *think* I have modified it correctly to at least write "live" to a CVS rather than needing to be stopped and started, but I also need it to stream live to a server too. 


I have attached a snipped of the part of the circuit I need to modify. As I said, I think I have this correct for appending a CSV "live". 

How would I take the data and stream in the form of a serial string straight to, for example, here:


I'm looking at examples of other bits in the tutorial etc but they look a little over complicated. 

I appreciate I am likely asking a very basic question, and will likely get slapped with a very obvious pre-existing design, but at the moment I simply don't understand Labview well enough to realise what I am looking at half the time! So apologies for that. 


Many thanks


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Hi Dave,


I recommend you check out the getting started examples provided with LabVIEW! They show some very clean code for many applications, including pushing data to a server.

LabVIEW example finder:


When you open up the Browse tab, you should see many folders. I'd recommend checking out the fundamentals to learn more about using LabVIEW in general. For your particular problem, I would look into the Networking folder, specifically the TCP&UDP folder.


Alternatively, you could use the HTTP VIs to post data to the server.




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Thank you! 

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