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New VI - default window size

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Thanks for the idea. Ideally I'd like to avoid the requirement of adding the template to each and every project.

I wonder if this can be modified by editing some of the core project provider framework VIs/ LabVIEW VIs.


I've also noticed what appears to be a bug with VIs created using the override method (

When attempting to add the newly created VI to the project using the App.Project.ActiveProject -> MyComputer -> AddItmFromMemory, it fails with Error 1004: The VI is not in memory. However, if I run the manually it works without any problems.


New VI.png



Using LV2018 32 bit

Highly recommended open source screen capture software (useful for bug reports).
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This works for me except I'm not able to save or save as the new VI, named Untitled 3 Front Panel, same as regular VI. I just got a 32" monitor and the LabVIEW new VIs are way too big :-).


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