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New PXIe-8861 with PXIe 8830/8 and PXI 8433/4 RS-485 boards, MAX says "Windows does not driver"

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We just ordered (and received) a pair of PXIe 8861 systems to replace two existing much older units running Windows XP.  These units are NOT networked, but monitor and control critical processes.  When we configured the system with NI, we included a PXIe 8830/8 Serial Interface and a 4-port RS-485 board (PXI 8433/4, the only non-PXIe board in our configuration), as they seemed to be compatible with the rest of the modules we ordered (and similar to the modules in our original PXI systems).


We have configured one of the PXIe systems, installed LabVIEW 2019 (32-bit), and activated all of the licenses.  On opening MAX, both the PXI 8433/4 and PXIe 8830/8 showed up in MAX with yellow Exclamation marks ("!") and a message (when you clicked on the MAX entry) "Windows does not have a driver associated with your device".


So I asked Google, "rs485 windows 10 driver".  It talked about USB-to-RS485 drivers.  Ooohh, I just thought that maybe I need to install LabVIEW's Serial driver (I have VISA, but not Serial).  


I do recall discussing this configuration with NI before the order was placed, and no Red Flags were noted at that time.


I'm attaching a picture of the Hardware and installed Software as reported by MAX.  I did notice that I didn't have the "Serial" driver showing up in this list, but before I go thrashing around wildly, I thought it would be prudent to ask for advice.  I've also placed a support request with NI, but frankly I think there's more "practical experience" living in the LabVIEW Forums ...


PXIe-1088 MAX Configuration.png

Bob Schor

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It's been ages since I used one of these (8 years?) but I think you just need to install NI-Serial.



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Whew!  That thought did occur to me as I was wondering about this, but when I tried to find mention of this on the Web or in the NI documentation, I came up blank.  Thought I'd ask, hoping for answers from someone who has "been there" (meaning "years ago").  Many thanks -- it worked!


Bob Schor

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