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New Hardware / DAQmx Install, LabView 7.1 Now Missing DAQmx VI's?

Hello -


I've been running Labview 7.1 and some applications we've built with it for some time now.  Due to an old DAQ board failure, we had to upgrade.  Upon receiving the new (PCI-6225M) DAQ board, we had to update DAQmx (to 8.9.5) in order for this new board to be supported.


In doing so, it appears that the DAQmx VI's I had for Labview 7.1 were actually removed from the system.  When I try to load my 7.1 applications, I get errors saying that it can't find various DAQmx VI's (like the DAQmx Create Task and Read VI's).  Since it allows me to browse for them, I browse to the directory structures that *do* have them now (intended for LV 8.2+, which we don't have).  If I select these VI's they seem to be found okay, but then I get an error for each VI saying that it's only for a newer version of LabView, not v7.1.


So what gives?  What can I do?  Why on earth would a newer DAQmx installer actually go in and remove already existing files from my previous install that previously worked fine?  I am not impressed.  What should have been a simple board upgrade now appears to be setting us back some significant time.





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The last version of DAQmx to support LabVIEW 7.1 is version 8.8. According to the readme, this has support for the 6225. The dropping of 7.1 is also mentioned in the readme for 8.9.5.


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Dennis -


Is there a location on NI's site that I can download specific (older) versions of DAQmx?





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Click on the 'Support' link at the top of the page to get to all driver updates or go direct to 8.8.
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Hi Dennis,


I also have common issue.  I am using labview 7.1 with DAQmx version 8.8.  Recently, I just bought the cDAQ-9178, which requires me to upgrade my DAQmx to version 9.4.  After installation completed, I discovered all my DAQmx missing.  My question is:


1. Do you have any patch to let me stay @ LV version 7.1 with the new DAQmx 9.5 without missing DAQmx vis?  I need the new DAQmx to be able to connect with cDAQ-9178.


Thanks you for your time, Dylan

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Unfortunately, no.  Newer versions of DAQmx do not support older versions of LabVIEW.  According to the LabVIEW Life Cycle Policy, support for LabVIEW 7.1 ended in August 2009, except perhaps if you have a long-term support contract.

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