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New Focus Picomotor Model 8742 control in LabView



I am trying to have the dual picomotor mirror mount scan through a selected range taking its starting position as the 0. The purpose is to find the point of overlap for two laser beams. The idea is to move one motor in steps of 10 from -200 to 200 steps and record its positions and analogue outputs from an ion counter into an array so to motor can move to where the ion count was maximum then repeat for the second motor.


Any help would be great as the the device came with only moves to exactly where you want it one time. putting it into a for loop does not help as it just would go to 10 steps repeatedly and not move any further and was in one continuous motion which for me is not optimal.




- Desperate Undergrad

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Hi Carlo,


It sounds like you are using the LabVIEW API for the PicomotorApp software, right? is just an example that shows one kind of move you can do. If you look at the block diagram of that VI, you can see how it is performing this motion.


If you want to do something more low-level (like take steps of 10 from -200 to 200, say) you will want to use the lower level LabVIEW VIs included in that API. I've never used this before, but it looks like there are VIs for doing absolute moves and relative moves. You could use these to command the motor to go to a start position, and then perform different moves in a loop to move between setpoints. 


Check to see if the software has any documentation on how to use these VIs. Otherwise, your best bet to learn how to use them is to try and understand what the SampleRelativeMove VI is doing.




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