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Networked scanner driver


I am thinking about writing a little utility for my scanner.
Basically I want to network it. Scanner is HP 4100c and it is USB
based. We usually use NT so that scanner cannot be used unless Win98 is
available. Cannot stand Win98. So the question is, where do I start?
I know that LView has good networking and remote control
capabilities. So remote control is no problem (thank you NI). How do I
deal with the scanner driver. Should I do like SANE (Linux networked
scanner drivers) does and talk directly to the scanner, or should I try
to deal with TWAIN interface for this scanner. Any suggestions
appreciated! Also how do I deal with USB in LabVIEW. I also want this
to be a quickie project so any experience
s will be very appreciated.

Thank you!

p.s. TWAIN is rather archaic, isn't it?

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I have used TWAIN and if you are looking for a quickie app. You may be dissapointed.
I found the TWAIN learning curve a bit steep and if you don't have proper
it will be quite an uphill battle especially if you have a close deadline.
The Linux
choice may be good however I have know experience dealing with this.
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