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Network variables suddenly refuse to deploy

My host is Labview 2016 and my PXIe controller is LabView RT 2016.


I automatically deploy variables using the host (Win 7) as the SVE.  I have two applications (A calibration exe and a main exe).  Both deploy and undeploy the same shared_variable.lvlib.


If I run the main exe, the variables deploy and the PXIe controller can see them and life is good.

If I run the calibration exe, the variables deploy and life is still good.

If I then run the main exe again, the variables say they deploy but suddenly nothing works (Error -1950679035).

Restarting the RT controller doesn't seem to change this behavior (I would hope it wouldn't be necessary regardless).


Now, I open my main project and try to manually deploy the variables.  In the past, this usually solves the issue but has never explained the problem.  Today, it doesn't seem to solve anything.  The dist system manager did show the variables but neither the main VIs nor the RT VIs could access them.


What's worse, I manually undeployed the vars and tried to redeploy them from the main project.  Now, nothing I do seems to get the variables deployed!


What on Earth might be happening?  All firewalls and antivirus are turned off (It's been working fine with them on so I know those aren't the issue).





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I restarted all the shared variable services and now things look like they're back to normal.  This is frustrating as there was no indication of any issue except the lack of ability to deploy (Even though the dialogs kept saying the variables were deployed successfully).


Is there any way to determine if one of the following services has experienced an issue?


  • NI Variable engine
  • NI Domain service
  • NI Time Synchronization
  • NI Citadel Service
  • NI PSP Service Locator




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