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Need to paste on/off button in its own event structure?

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I am studying the CLD exam car wash vi attached.


First question, I noticed the Start button is pasted inside its own event structure. Is this absolutely necessary, can I just paste somewhere else? 

I guess it was paste there because the Start button has no wiring so it looks neater to paste in its own event structure, am I right?


ScreenHunter_03 Mar. 10 21.18.gif




Second question, I noticed the Stop button is already wired to the red while loop stop, so pressing it would stop the vi already. But there is also the Stop value change event, this looks redundant, no? Or is it something really necessary?ScreenHunter_04 Mar. 10 21.18.gif?



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Both are necessary.


1. The boolean's terminal while be read when the event is triggered. This read triggers the latch operation (so the button snaps back).


2. The event structure would wait for an event and nothing would happen until another event is triggered. Only after the event structure is 'run', the stop value is read.



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