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Need to input a value in a Property Node that doesn't have "Change All to Read" property.



I am developing an remote panel application that have 3 vi's.


1 - Login vi => If username and password is OK, then the login vi add the Main vi to access list, and the user can access it.


2 - Main vi => Is the main code


3 - Supervisory Panel => Have a property node (RP.Conn.To.Clients), that searches (with a for loop, number of interations = number of online users), and compares the online users to a condition: if the user is controlling the, if yes, I display the user information(IP, Status, Port) on the Supervisory Panel.


My issue is, I need to display also the username(inputed in, togheter with IP, Status, Port, that are provided by Rp.Conn.To.Clients.


So i need to know if there's a way to attach the username string with the information provided by RP.Conn.To.Clients, in the same index, because my application will be accessed by many people, and I need to attach several usernames with the information that the property node provides, in the same index.


Any help will be appreciated, im stucked on this for almost a week!

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How does your message relate to your subject line where you are asking about the Change All to Read menu choice on a property node?

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Sorry for the error.


My idea was to input a value togheter with the property node, at the same index. Thats why i picked this title.

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Not sure if this is what you meant, but you can change the read/write for each property on a property node individually.

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I think we will be able to understand better if you show some code.


Also, I still did not get why you need a Property node that doesn't have "Change All to Read" property (well, I also think that is not the property of a property node. it is an option on the propery node to set the Read/Write setting on the properties selected in the node).


Anyways, a look at the code might help.

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