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Need to convert labview library created in 4.1 to something I can use in 8.5

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Is there a way to get a copy of 4.1 that will run on Windows XP? Alternatively I can get my hands on a version of 7.1  - would that convert properly? This is being done so I can interface labview with a CED 1401 system for an analogue signal.
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If the code isn't too large then the best thing to do is to post it here and someone can convert it for you. The only way to "get your hands" on interim versions of LabVIEW is to either buy it from someplace like eBay, or illegally.


What's a CED 1401? Have you checked to see if the manufacturer provides a more updated library?

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CED is Cambridge Electronic design. The 1401 can be seen here:


The labview library they provide on there website was contributed a long time ago by a retired professor who I emailed and is unable to convert them from his original code now. They were written in LV 4.1 according to him and can be found here (RE: Use 1401 from LabVIEW😞 


If someone could convert them for me. That would much appreciated! 

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I did not see any LabVIEW library on either of the links you provided. Please provide a direct download link, or upload the libraries here.
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Sorry, see attached files.
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Accepted by topic author Dr DJ

Hi DJ,


here it comes in LV7.1 Smiley Wink

Best regards,

using LV2011SP1 + LV2017 (+LV2020 sometimes) on Win10+cRIO
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Hello DJ,
I have a 1401 and am trying to get it going with this labview setup. Did you get it working? Any suggestions where I might find the dlls like:

I hope you see this! Thanks if you do.

University of Vermont
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Good luck!  It's been 11.5 years and we've moved from (likely 32-bit) XP through 7, 8, 8.1, and various "versions" of 2010.  Even if you find/get the files, they may no longer work.


(When I first saw the subject of this post, I was planning on a joke reply like, "need to convert my super-8 film to betamax")



-Kevin P

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Hey Kevin,


I still have some super-8 movies.  (In case I run out of firewood)


Thanks I really appreciate it.  I am burdened with a CED daq from 15 years ago and their software is garbage to make a UI.  They still make this thing you would think that making the best machine interface compatible would make sense for them.


Happy day,



University of Vermont
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