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Need to Communicate with Opto22 B-3000 Brain


Hello all,               

        I can able to communicate with OPTO22 B-3000 B Brain in Mistic I/O User's Utility. (I given the Command as a 101 I got Digital input data's from the slot 1 ). I am very new user for this module, now I need to acquire data from the brain through LabVIEW. Please give some guide line to me, what are the Mistic command set's I should use in LabVIEW and how to calculate the CRC -16. 

1) Slot 1 and 2 Connected Digital Input

2) Slot 3 to 6 we Connected Digital Output

3) Slot 8 Connected 20mA Current Input

4) Slot 9 Connected -10 to +10 Input.




Sivaraj M.S
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Hello siva_usic,


I looked over some documents for the OPTO22 B3000-B, specifically the Data Sheet, Configuring the B3000-B Technical Note, and the User's Guide. I have some questions about your application, specifically how you would be communicating with the device: 


1. Are you referring to Mistic's command set as found in thier Manual and Protocol User's Guide?

2. What physical interface would you be using to communicate with LabVIEW (over wires, serial, etc.)?


I would appreciate if you could respond with the answers to these questions and any other relevant information regarding your application. I will be happy to work with you in an effort to get your system up and running.




Andrew Brown

Applications Engineer

National Instruments


Software Engineer
National Instruments
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