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Need suggestion to Improve

I developed a VI for opening and closing of the valves by studying see examples.

focus is to fill the oil from one tank to another through valves and pump.

1.I wish to time control my valves opening and closing how can I do that?

2. I wish to improve the front panel, please give some suggestions.

3. Also improve my VI skills. What all parameters I can add to make my simulated VI with more features. any modification is welcome.

There is no such general criteria, so any suggestions related to the VI are welcome. 

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Logic for my VI:

1. Tank1 fills with 500ml
2. It empties valve opens (RCV)
3. Oil flows through the pipe, verticle, slide 3
4. It flows through  pipe, Slide
5. If the pipe, slide, is filled 500ml then the FCV should open 2%
6. if the slide, is filled 300ml the FCV knob should show open 5% , it should be controlled Analog channel data also
7. The slide 5 should be filled and then slide 4 and tank 2 should be filled


But I am unable to empty the tank 1, then control FCV on different condition with analog data ad re-fill tank 2.

Please give your suggestions and help me modify the same.

Also give me some suggestion better front panel.

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I could solve problem of filling and emptying the data...but I am unable to control the Flow control valve as per the logic described above with analog input channel.

Also need some suggestion for improving my front panel.


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Instead of data mean tank

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I think you should try to get some of the block diagram functionality complete before you really worry about adding features to your front panel. Looking at your block diagram, I don't really see any implementation of the features you want your Front Panel to execute now. Maybe if you get the block diagram functioning properly, we will be able to make better suggestions on additional features for your front panel.


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Have a look at some of the forum examples for ideas. It is easy to turn a boolean into a physical valve later...

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Thank You T-Rex$ I am tryng develop my VI's Block diagram, when I finish it please send me your inputs to improve the front panel.

Thank you altenbach for sharing your VI and forum example.In my previous VI I could succeed in tank filling and emptying but I liked your logic also which is much more simpler.

But as I wrote I am trying to control the process so that flow moves in a sequence

Process Stages
Srage 1. Oil Tank fill and empty
Stage 2. Pass through the RCV valve is open/close
Stage 3 Pass pipes/ slides
Stage 4. Pass through FCV 

 0% ,Closed, no oil in the pipe
 50%, Semi open, when oil s 250ml
100%, fully open, when pipe has 500ml
Stage 5. Fills the tank 2.
Satge 6. Stop

I am confused how to design this concept.

I have tried with two logics with array format another with time structure

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Since you've already described your program in 4 stages, it sounds like an excellent candidate for a state machine.

I see you've started with that design idea, that's good. I'd recommend slightly more descriptive stage names as "S1: Tank empty"

You'll almost always need an Initialize stage which'll be the first. 🙂

If you split S4 into 3 stages you'll get very simple states in the design.



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Thanks for the reply I have tried to distribute the stages and tried to develop the VI again. But I think I hav emade many mistakes. Also I followed the example which altenbach referred in the forum, but I dont know what are in-place element structure? which I just tried to use in my VI. Can I replace them?

Process Stages
Srage 1. Oil Tank fill
Stage 2: tank empty
Stage 2. Pass through the RCV valve is open
Stage 3 Pass through the pipe is open
Stage 4.  0% ,Closed, no oil in the pipe
Stage 5:  50%, Semi open, when oil s 250ml
Stage 6:100%, fully open, when pipe has 500ml
Stage 7. Fills the tank 2.
Satge 8. Stop


I think need some simple solution. Please if you can help me.

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I tried to develop the VI with other designs to simplify it with state machine concept I made many mistakes.

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