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Need help with measuring Respiratory Rate via Respiration Belt


Hello Friends,


I recently purchased a respiration belt from Studica, as well as the Ni-MYDAQ and the IX-MYDAQ in order to connect it to my PC and record data. I have not found a good way to record respiration data utilizing the default programs that comes with the Labview software suite provided with the Ni-MYDAQ. However, I found a program here on the forums called Respiration Monitor by AndyCandy, which creates a nice graph of inhalation/exhalation data and represents voltage on the Y axis. One can very clearly see peaks representing breaths. 


I plug my respiration belt into the IX-MYDAQ and connect it to the NI-MYDAQ, and then I'm able to see voltage changes with inhalation and exhalation via channel AIO. I can monitor these changes, and export the data to Excel if I wish.


I'm running into problems with the calculation of BPM - ultimately, we are only interested in BPM, and currently I have to export the data in an excel file, graph it in JMP, and then manually count breaths. The Respiration Monitor is supposed to display the BPM as calculated by the program after displaying "Calculating" for 10 seconds, but even if I record for 30+ seconds, it never changes to a number. It simply remains stuck on "Calculating." 


I was wondering if you had any advice for me; I've been trying to figure it out, but I'm not so skilled in Labview block diagrams. I've been able to make rudimentary changes such as changing the sample size to be able to record up to 2 minutes, but haven't been able to figure this part out (also, I'm unsure if my changes might have messed up the program somehow.) 


If anyone has experience with 'Respiration Monitor' and knows how to fix this issue, please help me out! Alternatively, if anyone knows of a better way to record inhalation/exhalation voltage peaks and measure Respiratory Rate (since the program is 6 years old now) please let me know that as well! I've contacted the creator of the Resp. Monitor, and he advised me to post on this forum. 


I've attached a pic of the block diagram. Block diagram pic.PNG


Thank you very much,



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Supposed I sent you a picture of a 1000-line C++ program and asked you for help -- not the code, mind you, but a picture of the code that you could read.  Would that be helpful?


Please do not ask for help if you only send a picture of your code.  Attach your VI so that we can execute it, edit it, inspect it, rewire it, etc.


Bob Schor

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